What to do in Pechon, Cantabria - Northern Spain

This June / July (2018) we took a 10 day trip to Northern Spain. Our intent was to enjoy the coast, beaches, nature, the people and very importantly, the food. See the entire 10 day itinerary here.

Traveling to Spain - Bilbao Airport - Pechon

You'll find loads of flights from all Europe into Bilbao, which we found to be a good spot to land and leave from. We picked up our rental at the airport. Read the more practical stuff about picking up your car, driving around, gassing up and the toll roads in this post from the same trip.

The drive to Pechon is 1 1/2 hours or so from Bilbao Airport and quite easy and nice. Down the A8 towards Santander (if you arrive early in the day, consider stopping in Santander). Pechon has 2 entrance and access roads that meet in the town forming a loop. One way goes past the camp ground, the other has some really nice views, including this guy:

The town is small and cute. There are a few Posada's for you to stay. As we stayed at a HomeAway property we had to pick up our key at Posada Fuente Villa, shown here, to give you an impression about a local hotel's looks:

One fun thing, the whole town is essentially a single street... Barrio Quintana. So chances are, that is your street address on your GPS, and you'll be winding around the town. And those streets are narrow in places!

Beaches in Pechon - Tides are important!

The thing to do here is to check the tide tables, because if you show up a high tide, there is not much beach to enjoy. So really, do look at the tide tables here (as an example).

There are a few beaches, we visited two of them. The closest to town, probably a 15 minute walk from our apartment is Playa Aramal. You'll be walking through the fields, and it is important to veer right when you see cross roads. Signs are mostly missing. Climb down the path and enjoy a quite beach.

We drove the short way to Playa de Amio, which is probably the more famous beach - and arguably the nicest. At low tide, you can play in the tide pools, enjoy a big beach with water on both sides of a small peninsula. Here you see Playa Aramal from the tide pools on Playa de Amio:

The beach has a shower, which is pretty nice as you can rinse your feed and body. So bring your towels and enjoy either of these wonderful beaches. 

Food in Pechon - Local is good!

While we were in Pechon, the world cup football (FIFA) was ongoing. And, based on recommendations we enjoyed 2 meals and some drinks at El Ancla Bar while watching the football games. The food is fun, and cheap. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual, and of course you bring your kids - no matter what time you arrive, or stay to.

The plate here, spuds, shrimp and elvers (just think more yummy seafood) cost Euro 7.00. Nope, that is not a typo. It is cheap and good. Add a glass of wine or a beer for Euro 1.50 or so and you have a solid meal.

Groceries in Pechon

Tourist season doesn't start here until July, and so while we were in Pechon the small local grocery in town was closed. But no worries, you will see the Lupa super market at the Pechon exit on the A8. We shopped here, and they have a good selection of fresh seafood, meats and all the other necessities like fresh bread.

Tip: as with all super markets and stores, bring your own bag as you may need to buy one. If you forget, grab one of the reusable ones and buy it. Makes life simpler.


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