Getting around Prague - Airport Bus, Metro and other transportation tips

Prague is a city to enjoy, and as many European cities has excellent public transportation options to save some money on airport transfers into the city.

Airport Express Bus

This bus stops at both Terminal 1 and 2. I've found it a convenient option, although it costs 60 Czech Crowns, about double that of the public bus and subway. If you are coming from a Schengen country, you will hop on at T2.

The bus stop is at the end of the public bus stops, just walk outside from the terminal and follow signs for Airport Express. Have some small amount of Czech crowns and pay the driver directly. No need to get tickets beforehand.

It took about 30 minutes on a Sunday to get to the central train station. The return trip on a Friday afternoon took about 45 minutes or so. So plan ahead.

The bus drops you off outside (actually - on top of) the main station. To get to the city and the actual station, take the elevators down or walk down the steps. From the main train station hall, walk to where you need to go.

If you take the Airport Express from the station to the airport, you will have to go upstairs. An easy way to go, if you arrive by train at the station is to go to platform 1, and cross into the old hall. Then go outside.

When to take this option?

Take this option when you want some convenience, and your destination is close to the main train station in Prague. In my case, I walked about 15 minutes to the hotel. If you are planning to take the subway, you can take the public bus from the airport to for example Zlicin station (yellow or B line). The metro is easy, convenient and cheap. More here.


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