Las Vegas - Food Destinations in strip malls off the Strip (Hidden Gems!)

A quick post on some exciting food destinations we found and tried off the Strip in Las Vegas. Don't let these strip malls scare you away. Off strip, in strip malls doesn't mean chains and blandness.

We found some real great breakfast, lunch, and dinner places. 

Ichiza's Partial Menu

Here goes...

Breakfast - German Bread Bakery

Yes, found another one, and while this one is not in as cool a location as our find in Tehachapi (read more here). This bakery has the classic rolls (brötchen) and lots of other goodies. If you go for the brötchen, consider stopping by Smith's and get some jam or any other things you like on bread. Makes for a classic German breakfast. 

Smith's does have a Starbucks, so if you want to do your picnic breakfast, stop by there. It is in the same complex. 

Note, there are two locations, the other location is south of the airport, in Paradise.

Breakfast option II - Sambalatte

This place is wonderful, it is a very cool coffeeshop. Check out the upstairs and hang out!

Or, even better, go for the German Bread Bakery, drive down here, and enjoy this amazingly beautiful coffee shop. Great Macha, wonderful coffees, amazing place to chill and hang out... and maybe eat the German bread...

Of course, the pastries are good enough to go for lunch. But we found the next option a lot more "full filling" ...

Lunch - Omelette House

Ok, this is unabashedly, classic, American. The omelets are HUGE, reasonably priced, the place can seat quite a few people, or you can take out.

The manager was amazing. We were trying to choose a soup and he just let us taste his three soups. We loved the chicken soup! We ended up getting two omelets (I would recommend the hash browns over the potatoes - which are a bit like chips) and a soup for the three of us... and we could not finish any of it. Your omelet comes with the spuds and toast. Oh, or banana bread. Which was very moist and delicious as well.

Parent Pro Tip: If you end up at a soccer tournament on the Kellog Zaher Soccer Complex, this place here is just around the corner and make for a great refueling after a morning game. Your kids will love the huge portions...

Dinner - Ichiza 1 Original

Ok, whether you want breakfast, dinner, midnight snacks, after a beer food, this place is MUST GO TO! It serves until late... kind of all night round. They are open Thursday - Tuesday 17:00 until 10:30 (the next day!). Yeah...  

Huge selection... just some suggestions when (correct, when, not if...) you go:

  • Wagyu Beef Bowl - you want one, yes you do... pro tip: add the egg!
  • The Ikayaki (squid) was very good
  • Beef Tataki - loved it
  • Takoyaki - wonderful

We had a bunch more stuff. The opinions on the Mochi Bacon were split... it is, shall we say, interesting? Some of our party loved it...

And, then there is the famous OG Honey Toast - desert or breakfast? Either are good... oh, and if you want 5 of them, they serve a tower of them...

The place also serves a nice draft beer, some bottles, sake, etc. 

It is small, some tables are communal, but trust me, this is worth it... we loved this place.

Dinner or Lunch - What's Zaap? Thai Food

Ok, so our man Guy Fieri did stop by this one for his Triple D show. Yet another strip mall find off-off the strip in Vegas. Wonderful Thai food in a small restaurant, excellent service. And yes, it is spicy...!

They'll ask you for the spice level. If you love spicy, go for it, but if you are mild person, just go with mild! Even that may be on the spicy side for some. So, pick a few dishes to reduce the overall spice, like the pineapple fried rice. It is lovely, and for once, you also get the pineapple they take out of the pineapple they serve the rice in...


PS. We have not tried this one, but a solid recommendation in China Town is Shokku Ramen. So if Ichiza is too long a wait, this one is just a little bit down the street.


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