A nice ten (10) day itinerary covering the highlights of Cantabria, Asturias, Galicia and San Sebastian

Yes, there are too many things to do and see across these regions. Each one of them would warrant an entire stay of 10 days. But as always, you will have to make some choices if you want to see some of the highlights. Here is what we did as a family of 3, with a kid that just turned 11.

High-Level Itinerary

We started and ended at Bilbao Airport, but we skipped the city itself, despite it's wonderful Gugenheim museum. We decided to see the local coast line, enjoy local food and see a few other towns and cities. So here are those:

    • Lastres to Llanes by car
      • Park near the beach - Playa del Sablon, on the large lot or around the beach
      • Definitely stroll on the Paseo de San Pedro
      • Enjoy the beach 
      • And the lovely old town
    • Drive back to Pechon
      • Dinner at El Ancla
Lastres from the Harbor Wall, with the La Rula in blue
Playa El Sablon in Llanes
  • Day 3 - El Soplao caves and Santillana Del Mar
    • First, drive to El Soplao, but make a reservation in advance to ensure you can get a ticket, as this gets really, really busy
    • Drive El Soplao - Santillana del Mar (Spains most beautiful village)
      • Park anywhere close to the town as it gets pretty busy!
      • Lunch at Restaurante La Villa, in the outside garden and veranda, of course a Menu del Dia, but for a bit more (Euro 18) as you are in high tourist country
    • Drive Santillana de Mar - San Vicente de la Barquera
      • The tides are really interesting here, so have a look at the harbor and see if it empties out
    • Drive to Pechon
      • Eat (and watch Fifa 2018) at El Ancla
The entrance to El Soplao

Restaurante La Villa's patio
  • Day 4 - Beach day in Pechon
    • A nice day at the beach
    • Evening in San Vicente de la Barquera
      • Note the opening hours
        • Both are closed after "lunch"
        • Church closes at 18:00 but the castle is open until 20:00
      • Eat anywhere at the city center for large fish and shell food plates
Playa de Amio in Pechon
San Vicente de la Barquera from the Castle

  • Day 5 - Pechon to Malpica in Galicia - scenic drive with stops
    • First stop: Cudillero
      • Spend some time walking around, but the town gets pretty busy
    • Second stop and major highlight - Praya das Catedrais (Cathedral Beach)
      • If you visit here before July 1, no reservations required
    • Arrive Malpica
      • Late afternoon swim in the Atlantic in Malpica
Praya das Catedrais

  • Day 6 - City tours of Santiago De Compostella and A Coruna
    • Drive early to Santiago, find parking (not easy)
    • Drive to A Coruna after lunch, giving you some 4 hours in Santiago
    • Enjoy A Coruna's underestimated city center 
    • Drive back to Malpica
Santiago Cathedral

A Coruna (in the rain)

  • Day 7 - Fisterra and surroundings
    • Drive the coast from Malpica and stop often
    • Visit Fisterra and the light house and have lunch in the town
    • Drive back
    • Relax in Malpica
You could walk to Fisterra...

  • Day 8 - Drive cross country to Donostia - San Sebastian
    • It's about a 7 hour drive
    • Stop along the road somewhere to eat, of course
    • Enjoy dinner in San Sebastian, so don't leave too late
  • Day 9 - Donostia - San Sebastian
    • Beach
    • City
    • Pinxto's !!!

Donostia - San Sebastian's La Concha Beach


  • Day 10 - Bus to Bilbao, flight home


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