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Traveling by Train through The Netherlands with Kids

Much has been said about getting train tickets, specifically at Schiphol airport. So here we'll discuss  train tickets when traveling with a family and specifically with kids under 12.  Or as the dutch tend to say - kids from 4 years old and up to and including 11 years years (kinderen 4 t/m 11 jaar). Just to be crystal clear, if your kid is 12 years old, your kid is too old for these tickets. Kid's Tickets Let's look at getting a ticket for a kid up and including 11 years old: The one thing you are looking for is a RAILRUNNER ticket. Right now it costs 2.50 Euro, and you should consider this a "full day, go anywhere" ticket for your kid. On the automated kiosk, it tends to be under "other products". Railrunner ticket Couple of things (these are also on the actual ticket, albeit in dutch): When traveling 2nd class - this ticket is sufficient for the child to travel by themselves. So if just your child is taking the train, 2.50