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Las Vegas - Food Destinations in strip malls off the Strip (Hidden Gems!)

A quick post on some exciting food destinations we found and tried off the Strip in Las Vegas. Don't let these strip malls scare you away. Off strip, in strip malls doesn't mean chains and blandness. We found some real great breakfast, lunch, and dinner places.  Ichiza's Partial Menu Here goes... Breakfast - German Bread Bakery Yes, found another one, and while this one is not in as cool a location as our find in Tehachapi ( read more here ). This bakery has the classic rolls (brötchen) and lots of other goodies. If you go for the brötchen, consider stopping by Smith's and get some jam or any other things you like on bread. Makes for a classic German breakfast.  Smith's does have a Starbucks, so if you want to do your picnic breakfast, stop by there. It is in the same complex.  Note, there are two locations, the other location is south of the airport, in Paradise. Breakfast option II - Sambalatte This place is wonderful, it is a very cool coffeeshop. Check out the u

Three Countries in Three days - Southwest Germany, a bit of France, and some Switzerland

One of the exciting things of traveling through Europe is that you can visit three countries easily in a few days. You'll see big similarities and subtle differences. Oh and in this case, you'll need two currencies. And, to be safe, bring a passport to at least one of them. Travel like Just Been There Five days in Southwest Germany, with a bit of France and some Switzerland can look like this: Day 1 - Arrive in the Freiburg / Black Forest area Day 2 - France, Colmar day trip  Day 3 - Titi See and Freiburg Day 4 - Switzerland, Schaffhausen - Basel loop Day 5 - Pack up or extend (more later) Just Been There Art Look at or buy art inspired by this trip. If you like this trip, but can't go, or you too have just been there, this unique art may rekindle fond memories of your own trip. Click the image for a link to the online store. Note: you will be leaving this site and connect to the artists site. Locks on the Canal (Colmar) All art copyright by: Christine Ong-Dijcks  Where to