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Walking tour through Maastricht

I might be slightly biassed, but Maastricht in The Netherlands is one of my favorite cities. It has this combination of looking good, serving great food, is small enough to be still a low stress city. On top of that Maastricht is very easy to get to and very international with some typical touches of the province of Limburg. In short, time to go on a walking tour of Maastricht. Travel like Just Been There A day trip, arriving by train and walking around can look like this: Arrive by train Walk along the city wall and go through the "gates of hell" or Helpoort Visit the "caves" (more on the quotes later) - Maastricht Underground Walk back and enjoy a set of old city wall and related buildings, including the "Poortgebouw" on the river Jeker to end up at 't Vrijthof At 't Vrijthof, visit the St Jans Church and the St Servaas Treasury Next visit the Dominican bookstore and then on to City Hall Optional, on the east bank of the Meuse river visit the Bon