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Navigating NAIA - Ninoy Aquino International Airport - Manila airport

If you have been to NAIA, you will likely have figured out a lot of the following. If not, have a read, it might save you all some gray hair, frustration, and most importantly, some missed flights... Just Been There Art Look at or buy art inspired by this trip. If you like this trip, but can't go, or you too have just been there, this unique art may rekindle fond memories of your own trip. Click the image for a link to the online store and browse the site for more. Note: you will be leaving this site and connect to the artists site. Perched - Christine Ong-Dijcks All art copyright by:  Christine Ong-Dijcks Arriving at NAIA Your arrival will not differ much from any other airport. Depending on where you fly in from, you will see a big difference in the terminal appearance and style. Many of the major Asian airlines - for those coming from or connecting through Japan, Taiwan, Korea, etc seem to end up in Terminal 1. This is the oldest terminal and while the main departure hall looks