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Green Travel in Portugal using Train, Metro, Tram, and your Feet

Ok, we did start by flying from Amsterdam to Lisbon. So technically we did not just do it by train, metro, tram and foot. The flight has a definite impact on our environment (a CO2 amount of 0.677t). Visit  MyClimate  to calculate and understand your travel impact, and choose an offset. Since our trip to Portugal was mainly in two major cities, we learned that you don't want a car. Combined with trying to not pollute even more, train, metro, tram and our feet became our designated modes of transport. This post focuses on how we did travel by public transport, intermingled with sights and other tips. Travel like Just Been There Two weeks in Portugal can look like this: Day 1 - Travel Day, train to Schiphol (AMS), flight to Lisbon, Metro, High-Speed to Porto, Metro Day 2 through 5 - Porto Day 6 - Travel to Lisbon by Intercity train and metro (+ some feet) Day 7 through 8 - Lisbon part I Day 9 through 13 - Train to Estoril, Cintra, and Beaches  Day 13 through 15 - Lisbon  part II Just